Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sweet New Online Makeover Tool

TechCruch broke the story on Tuesday...UCSD engineers had unveiled the most realistic virtual makeover tool on the Web. You can watch a video that I shot and produced on YouTube, read the press release, or just go to and upload a photo of your face and give it a try. It's fun, easy and free to use.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Grand Challenges in Engineering from the NAE

The National Academy of Engineering issues its Grand Challenges in Engineering last month at the AAAS annual meeting. Researchers at UC San Diego are working on various aspects of all 14 of the challengs. We have put together a blog in order to get information about the various projects all in one place.

And the challenges are...

Make solar energy economical
Provide energy from fusion
Develop carbon sequestration methods
Manage the nitrogen cycle
Provide access to clean water
Restore and improve urban infrastructure
Advance health informatics
Engineer better medicines
Reverse-engineer the brain
Prevent nuclear terror
Secure cyberspace
Enhance virtual reality
Advance personalized learning
Engineer the tools of scientific discovery

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

San Diego is Amazing

San Diego is famous for its beaches and sunshine and proximity to both Mexico and LA. But there is much more. And if you end up coming to UCSD to study or work, you'll have the chance to explore San Diego county. You hear people say that you can hike in the mountains, hang out in the desert and watch the sun set over the ocean all in one day, without leaving San Diego county. It's true. And it's cooler than it sounds. And when we get our winter rains, the wildflowers are amazing.

Career Fair Video

1000 engineering students from UCSD's Jacobs School jammed the Price Center on Feb 22to talk to potential employers at DECaF -- the largest student-run engineering career fair on the West coast.

Among the 90 companies recruiting companies was Walt Disney Imagineering. One of the recruiters was Joel Payne, a Jacobs School alum who was hired at this same fair back in 2002. At Disney, Payne is at work on a new roller coaster.