Monday, November 2, 2009

Your Cool Project Here!

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TowerMadness Zero and "the Apple Blog"

On Halloween 2009, the Apple Blog featured TowerMadness, an iPhone app and game with roots in computer science at UC San Diego (see the story I wrote about TowerMadness here).

The team of iPhone app developers doesn't ever seem to slow down. They recently launched, "TowerMadness Zero", a free version of their award-winning tower-defense 3D game.

We recently featured TowerMadness in the Fall 2009 issue of the Jacobs School alumni magazine, Pulse. Check out the Pulse Towermadness story here...but to get the full effect, check out the graphic layout in the print version of Pulse and navigate down to page 14.

Twitter is a good place to get your TowerMadness fix.

Solar Video: Grad Students Help San Diego Get $154M in Bonds to Install Solar

Watch a video interview with Jan Kleissl and Michael Gollner and Karl Olney, two of the key Jacobs School grad students who helped San Diego get more than $154 M in bonds for installing solar in San Diego.

Update: Weds Nov 4

This story is now one of the rotating news stories on Check out the screen shot below.

Pumking Carving, LEDs, and IEEE Fun at UCSD Jacobs

Next year, I hope someone tries to carve out some equation related to LED illumination...something like of the speed of light travelling from the LED to the pumpkin face.

See many more photos on the IEEE Web site:
LED pumpkin carving at UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering was organized by the UCSD student chapter of IEEE. Be sure to check out the UCSD IEEE Web page for the latest news, photos and videos.