Thursday, September 16, 2010

Xconomy's Google Street View Story is Interesting

The Google Street View story in Xconomy includes a Q&A with Luc Vincent from Google who has been involved with Street View from the start. This story ties into the "Pedestrian Remover" for Street View created by UC San Diego computer science graduate student Arturo Flores and computer science professor Serge Belongie.

Mechanical Engineering Major / Water Polo Player named Athete of the Week

Mechanical engineering major Bryce Madsen is a UC San Diego Athlete of the Week this week. He is a senior driver on the Men's Water Polo team.

As a Junior in 2009, Madsen finished second on the team with 37 goals scored and added 20 assists. He scored three goals in an exciting 14-13 overtime win over Redlands in the first-round of the WWPA Championship tournament. He also scored two goals in an 8-7 upset win over Concordia at the Northern California tournament.

Learn more about Madsen on the UC San Diego Athletics Web site.

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