Friday, June 25, 2010

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Gizmag Glances at SleepServer

Gizmag has a SleepServer story up on their super-high-traffic tech blog today.

Check it out...and the easy-to-read summary from the Jacobs School of Engineering is here, and a longer, more technical summary is here.


Xconomy Highlights Electrical Engineering Startup: Mushroom Networks

Mushroom Networks, the startup founded by electrical and computer engineering (ECE) professor Rene Cruz is profiled today in a story by Bruce Bigelow on the business/technology Web site Xconomy.

Read the story "Mushroom Networks Uses “Bonding” Technology to Pump More Data Through Bottlenecks"

from the Xconomy story:

"The technology was developed by Rene Cruz, a Mushroom Networks co-founder and professor of electrical and computer engineering at UC San Diego. Cruz is known for his pioneering research in a field called network calculus, which is used to characterize the flow of data through the Internet and other packet-switching networks."

The San Diego Union Tribune ran the story too.