Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Von Liebig and SleepServer in San Diego Business Journal

Monday was the third day of a three day weekend, and how many PCs in corporations, universities and other organizations were running on Monday even though the usual users were enjoying the holiday?

Monday was also the day the San Diego Business Journal ran a story describing the UC San Diego technology aimed at fixing these sorts of problems. SleepServer lets users put their enterprise PCs to sleep without the fear that they won't be able to access them remotely. The lightweight image of each sleeping PC can also run stripped down programs that enable the PC to work while it sleeps.

Yuvraj Agarwal photos on the Calit2 Flikr photostream. (Credit: UC San Diego / Erik Jepsen)

Update Thursday July 8: The La Jolla Light ran a SleepServer story "Research Report: PCs can work while they sleep."