Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Music Search Engine Facebook Game Launch

The Facebook game is live! Players have fun learning new music and testing their musical knowledge with other players in real time. The UC San Diego computer scientists and electrical engineers (which hail from UC San Diego's Computer Audition Laboratory) will use the data collected (anonymously) from these games to improve their new breed of music search engine. Read about the project in this music search engine press release, and in this Jacobs School alumni magazine (Pulse) article on the experimental music search engine.

There are several Jacobs School of Engineering band's that could benefit, once their songs are added to the Facebook games.

Computer science Ph.D. candidate Carolina Galleguillos is the vocalist and star of Juna. (Juna is playing a gig this Friday night in San Diego at Beauty Bar. You must be 21 to enter.)

Her Ph.D. faculty advisor, Serge Belongie, is the front man for the band SO3. They have a new album out "Lose the Girl". Get all your SO3 updates here.