Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2010 Programming Contest

On October 16, 2010, UCSD students participatedin the Fall 2010 UCSD Programming Contest over the course of five hours. 36 students participated and 20 pizzas were consumed. Below is a summary of thecontest, more details (photos and detailed results) are available at:

The contest consisted of 8 problems, and the top honors go to Elliott Slaughter for solving 5 problems with a combined time of 420 minutes. Junior David Michon placed second, and Haoxi Fang,Van Lam, Andrew Chen, and Matt Der rounded out the top six, each with 4 problems solved. Below is a list of the top fifteen placers in the contest:
1 Elliott Slaughter
2 David Michon
3 Haoxi Fang
4 Van Lam
5 Andrew Chen
6 Matt Der
7 Ellison Bayan
8 Justin Yuhsong Huang
9 Yimai Fang *
10 Rohan Anil
11 Timothy Martin
12 Daniel Price
13 Eric Dorman
14 Yixin Zhu
15 Tim Wheeler
16 Adrian Teng-Amnuay

* unofficial contestant

Thanks go to Mike Dini and The Dini Group for providingthe prizes, food and drink, and support for the contest. Michael Vrable, Mohammad Moghimi, Do-Kyum Kim,Keliang Zhao and Faculty Coach Michael Taylor ran the contest, with help from UCSD Programming Team Co-Captain Justin Huang, CSES President Chris Moghbel, and other folks at CSES. Additional results (and photos) can be viewed here:

StarCAVE Up for an "Immy"

Today is the last day to vote for the Calit2 StarCAVE for an immersive Technology Award / You can vote! (one vote per IP address).

Learn more from the Calit2 story from Tiffany Fox

San Diego, Oct. 4, 2010 -- Immersive virtual reality has been a cornerstone of Calit2’s research into scientific visualization from the institute’s very beginning almost 10 years ago. The latest validation of that research may be handed out on Oct. 21 in Los Angeles, when Calit2 could win one of the inaugural Immersive Tech Awards, dubbed the ‘Immys’.