Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jacobs School on YouTube

Do you know of any Jacobs-School-related videos that you think should be on the Jacobs School of Engineering YouTube channel? Let me know. dbkane AT ucsd DOT edu

Bit by bit, I am transfering videos to one YouTube video channel:

Below is a video profile of Jacobs School electrical engineering professor Pam Cosman.

IEEE Xtreme 3.0

A team of Jacobs School undergrads calling themselves "Team 'The Bagpipe Lubricators'" placed 16th overall (and 6th from United States) in a 24-hour online computer programming contest run by IEEE called IEEE Xtreme 3.0.

The official IEEE results page highlights how two Jacobs School computer programming teams finished in the top 25. The Bagpipe Lubricators finished 16th in the world, and Team XYZZY finished 19th in the world. 700 teams registered.

Jordan Ree is the caption of the Bagpipe Lubricators, and Elliot Slaughter is captain of XYZZY. I'll update this posting with the full names of both of these teams, when I get that info.

These two Jacobs School teams finished first and second in the region.

The Mountain Dew can and empty pizza boxes are great.

Jacobs School Photo Contest!! Deadline is Dec 4

Break out the cameras and start taking pictures of life at the Jacobs School. It's time for the Jacobs School student photo contest...brought to you by Engineering Student Services (ESS). All engineering students are invited to submit up to two (2) high resolution digital photos that somehow fit into the theme "Triton Engineering: Location, Innovation, Celebration!"

Note to Photoshop-fiends, Picasa-pros, and Gimp-Geniuses: you're NOT ALLOWED to digitally alter your photos after you take the picture. So think ahead and do all the cool effects on the front end, WHEN you take the picture. It's more fun that way. (And read all the fine print here...not that there is much to say...)

I'm excited to see what comes in. Every time I leave my office, I see something and think, "that would make a great photo."