Thursday, June 10, 2010

NSF Reviews CIAN's Efforts to Create Transformative Optical Technologies

"CIAN is focused on the innovations that are necessary to reframe the problems of access networks and determine if there's a common protocol for optics,” explained CIAN Deputy Director Shaya Fainman, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at UC San Diego. “Our vision is to develop novel optical networking architectures, create low-cost optoelectronic technologies, test them through our unique testbed infrastructure, prove their relevance and commercialize them through entrepreneurs and industrial partners."

CSE168: Rending Algorithms First, Second and Honorable Menions...Grand Prize Winner to Come

Update July 2: here is the grand prize image for CSE168. The 2010 CSE 168 Rendering Algorithms press release is here. The first, second and some of the honorable mention images are below. These are all images that computer science students created using rendering algorithms and C++ (not photoshop/illustrator/etc)

(Photos from the competiton are here.)

Update Friday June 11: last two images are new.

First Place: William George and Robert Gross

Second Place: Jason Obenberger

Honorable Mention: Jennifer Chandler

Honorable Mention: Steven Upham

Honorable Mention: Tim Etler

Honorable Mention: Oleg Bisker

Update Friday June 11: Two new honorable mention images below.

Honorable Mention: Joel Chelliah

Honorable Mention: Sid Vijay