Thursday, February 18, 2010

UC San Diego at AAAS

Here is a nice time line of the various UC San Diego involvement at AAAS 2010 (Twitter hashtag: #AAAS10)

One of the talks tied to Calit2/SDSC/Jacobs School is called "What's Next for the Net? The Internet of Things and Ubiquitous Computing." It's on Friday from 1:30 to 3 PM.

Homemade Cookies in the AAAS Newsroom

Dear reporters and PIOs at AAAS 2010,

My homemade molasses cookies are in the newsroom. I'm the guy with the blue bag with a sign that says AAAS cookies. Patrick McGinness from EurekAlert says I should highlight the fact that they are homemade. It's true. Last week, I did some serious baking.

Not into junk food? Neither am I. Say hi anyway.


AAAS 2010 Cookies

Dear Reporters and PIOs at AAAS 2010,

I made about 500 molasses cookies for you. I'll be around at the meeting. If you are in dire need of a (mostly) organic molasses cookie (my great grandma's Nebraska farm recipe), I hope you find me. I'll be posting twitter updates with my location. Follow me for the latest: I'll be hashtagging #aaas2010

Some of the cookies are inspired by cell biology...I've got some mitosis cookies (cell division) and a few "four-celled organism" cookies.

AAAS 2010, Eating Near the Convention Center

Dear Reporters and fellow PIOs at AAAS 2010,

If you are in San Diego for AAAS, that means you're in the convention center, and that means that if you venture out of the convention center/hotel/reception bubble you are in danger of eating overpriced and underwhelming food. Sure, there are lots of receptions with free appetizers and snacks. But if you are looking to leave the Convention Center vortex for a bit of fresh air and non-reception food (just briefly, lest Ginger Pinholster get nervous!), I have a few ideas for you. (Leave comments with additional ideas and thoughts on these ideas.)

City Beat puts out guides for eating downtown for Comic Con, and these guides are good primer on eating near the San Diego convention center...even you are not a comic book nut. Comic Con 2009 food near the San Diego convention center. Comic Con 2008 food near the San Diego convention center.

Update FridayFeb 19: There is a grass-fed burger place O'Brothers in the mall near the convention center. Yelp has more info here. I can't vouch for how fast the service is, and their veggie burger is too fried for my taste.

If you only sneak away once from the convention center for food, go to the Little Italy farmers market on Saturday. Where? ( The intersection of Date St. and India St. in downtown San Diego.) It's walking distance or a very short cab or tram ride from the Convention Center.

If you are eating in the Gaslamp, La Puerta is one place to's close to the convention center and also a spot to enjoy a cold one. Check out a recent review from City Beat by Candice Woo.

Check out all of Woo's San Diego restaurant reviews here
. A quick scan will give you some quick perspective on the San Diego restaurant landscape.

Update Friday AM: More thoughts on eating in San Diego. If you are on foot, consider a place on G called Neighborhood. (Check it out on Yelp...but IMHO be wary of the Yelp reviews of the places in the Gaslamp.)

Also on G, but pricer is Cafe Chloe.

North Park (not walking distance from Convention Center)

If you are cabbing it w/ some friends, consider North Park. Here is a North Park restaurant blog: For local/sustainable seafood in San Diego (in North Park) check out Sea Rocket Bistro. If you go, I suggest the grilled sardines appetizers and whatever the catch of the day is.

For sustainable sausage (grass fed / humane(ish) meat) in North Park, the only place is The Linkery (but they are packed on peak dinner hours on the weekend. go early. go late.)

For a great cheese plate and fun atmosphere (props to Stacey the owner!...who I only know from being a customer), saunter up to the bar at Ritual Tavern (also in North Park).

And if you are looking for a place to observe some colorful humane plumage, check out the all-sexual-orientations-colors-ages karaoke bar in North Park called Redwing.

AAAS Annual Meeting is Here!

The AAAS Annual Meeting is in San! I'll be updating this blog from the meeting, as well as providing some background on San Diego for folks where are in town for
AAAS. Stay tuned.

I worked at AAAS for five years, so it will be fun to be back at the meeting...but as an attendee.

Update 1: Eating in San Diego near the convention center. A primer.


Bioengineering professor Gert Cauwenberghs is presenting this week at "chalk talk" at UCSD's Institute for Neural Computation. Abstract below:

We are embarking on an exciting journey in our continued and renewed efforts, with the DARPA Neovision2 program, towards reverse engineering the visual system in silicon. I will share the visions and plans of our team that spans the two coasts and the spectrum between neuroscience and neuroengineering. I will also briefly present a scalable approach to
realizing locally dense and globally sparse connectivity in large-scale reconfigurable neuromorphic systems, towards a real-time and low-power silicon model of neocortical vision with over a million neurons and a billion synapses.

INC Chalk Series Winter-Spring 2010:

2/4 Terry Sejnowski: motor cortex dynamics
2/18 Gert Cauwenberghs: Neovision2
3/4 no chalk -- INC/SCCN open house
3/18 Tzyy-Ping Jung: wireless BCI
4/1 TBD
4/15 Howard Poizner: motion capture and brain dynamics
4/29- TBD

Cars and Computers...What Gives?

KPBS, the San Diego NPR station, interviewed computer science professor Ingolf Krueger regarding cars and computers. The name of the segment: "Are Car Electronics Too Complex?"

Ingolf Krueger is involved in a variety of projects at the Jacobs School of Engineering and Calit2. He directs the Service-Oriented Software and Systems Engineering Laboratory. He also directs the Gordon Center for Engineering Leadership at the Jacobs School of Engineering.