Thursday, February 18, 2010


Bioengineering professor Gert Cauwenberghs is presenting this week at "chalk talk" at UCSD's Institute for Neural Computation. Abstract below:

We are embarking on an exciting journey in our continued and renewed efforts, with the DARPA Neovision2 program, towards reverse engineering the visual system in silicon. I will share the visions and plans of our team that spans the two coasts and the spectrum between neuroscience and neuroengineering. I will also briefly present a scalable approach to
realizing locally dense and globally sparse connectivity in large-scale reconfigurable neuromorphic systems, towards a real-time and low-power silicon model of neocortical vision with over a million neurons and a billion synapses.

INC Chalk Series Winter-Spring 2010:

2/4 Terry Sejnowski: motor cortex dynamics
2/18 Gert Cauwenberghs: Neovision2
3/4 no chalk -- INC/SCCN open house
3/18 Tzyy-Ping Jung: wireless BCI
4/1 TBD
4/15 Howard Poizner: motion capture and brain dynamics
4/29- TBD

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