Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm working on a story about ENSPIRE, part of E-Week for the next issue of Pulse, the Jacobs School alumni magazine.

Maria Cardona, one of the 2010 Pulse organizers and a chemical engineering undergrad just sent me a link to a blog that the organizers of ENSPIRE 2008 kept, documenting all the hard work that went into the event.

Check it even has photos of students buying huge volumens of food and drink at Costco to feed the 400 8th graders that they inspired that day. Pretty cool.

Jacobs School of Rock

Watch the Jacobs School of Rock 2009 video below (on the Jacobs School YouTube channel or the Jacobs School video server).

And while you're rocking out to Jacobs School of Rock 2009, think ahead to JSOR 2010. It's coming. June will be here soon! If you are in San Diego, come out to the show. And for all the UCSD folks out there, if you want to get involved, check out the Jacobs School of Rock 2010 volunteer flyer here.

If you are into the intersection of music and engineering, be sure to check out the new search engine for music being developed by electrical engineers here at the Jacobs School.