Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Music Search Engine Video Featured by Technology Review

Technology Review featured the music search engine video from the Jacobs School on their Technology Review editors blog. What's cool is that the video includes a past winner of Technology Review's "TR 35" a prestigious list of top young innovators: UC San Diego computer science professor Serge Belongie. Serge sings and plays guitar with his band S03 in the second video clip of the YouTube video. Learn more about S03 on their myspace page:

Learn more about Serge Belongie's computer science research at:

But that's not all. One of professor Belongie's Ph.D. students is Carolina Galleguillos, the vocalist for Juna and the first performer you see in the Jacobs School music search video (in the silver dress). I also interview Galleguillos later on in the video...so be sure to watch through to the end...the video ends with her.

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