Friday, May 28, 2010

Wireless Sensor Startup in $80K Entrepreneurship Challenge Finals

“Today you have to put sticky patches on your chest to record this information. It’s uncomfortable and messy,” said Jacobs School electrical engineering Yu Mike Chi, about the technology he and his startup are developing.

And speaking of sticky patches on your chest, sunblock-soaked Memorial Day weekend starts right now! (It's 5 PM on Friday). But on Wednesday June 2, when some of us are nursing sun burns (hopefully not me), Chi and his Cognionics team will be competing for the lions share of $80K in cash and services at the UC San Diego Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Wireless sensors that monitoring your heart or your brain even though they do not actually touch your skin are at the center of UC San Diego electrical engineering PhD student Yu Mike Chi’s dissertation (so sunburns won't be a problem). This technology – and the plan for commercializing it – earned Chi and his Cognionics team one of just five spots in the finals of the UC San Diego Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Read more on the Jacobs School news page.

UC San Diego Men's Baseball in College World Series Final Tomorrow

The UC San Diego men's baseball team plays for the national championship tomorrow, Saturday May 29, 2010 at 9 AM PT (noon eastern time). UCSD will play Southern Indiana in the Division II College World Series.

photo caption: UCSD shortstop Vance Albitz slides into home plate.
Photo/Willis Glassgow/WC Sports Photos

I'm trying to track down who from the Jacobs School of Engineering is on this year's baseball team. Anyone have any names?
UPDATE: One of the engineering students is Eric Abraham, a mechanical engineering major.

Chile Earthquake Discussioin on UCSD-TV

UC San Diego structural engineering professors Jose Restrepo and Tara Hutchinson share their insights on damage from the great Chilean earthquake of 2010 on the UCSD-TV program "On Beyond." The full program is 27 minutes and first aired on May 10, 2010.