Friday, June 26, 2009

Trey Ideker in Washington Post

Bioengineering professor Trey Ideker's recent work on antioxidants and longevity is featured in a Washington Post column by Jennifer LaRue Huget.

Trey Ideker, who holds posts in the schools of medicine and engineering at the University of California at San Diego, has found in laboratory tests that some limited exposure to oxidants may equip cells to better withstand larger exposures. His work, if borne out in humans, could have all kinds of implications for our understanding of aging and disease.
Read the original press release, by Debra Kain, here.

Music Search Engine Link List

Gert Lanckriet and Luke Barrington recently asked for a list of links to the various media outlets that have covered their work to build a music search engine that only requres users to type in descriptive words.

Below is a subset of the 2009 media clips, including a smattering of blogs.


2009 blogs

$250K Tuesday?

On Tuesday June 30, bioengineering grad student Raj Krishnan and the rest of the Biological Dynamics gang could walk away with at least $250,000 from a global business plan competition. It's a huge deal just to be named one of the 16 finalists from around the world for the Global Business Plan Competition.

You know the maxim, experience is what you get when you don't get what you want. Let's hope the UC San Diego homegrown cancer diagnostic company walks away on Tuesday with a lot more than a great experience.

Krishnan and Biological Dynamics have already won the UC San Diego Entrepreneur Challenge, and they used those winnings to secure their intellectual property.

Read more about Krishnan and Biological Dynamics in this interesting story from Xconomy San Diego.