Friday, April 27, 2012

Interdigital Innovation Challenge / Vote!

The InterDigital Innovation Challenge (I2C) is an opportunity for individuals or teams from any North American college or university to compete for $175,000 in prizes by testing out proposals and prototypes for wireless technologies before a panel of esteemed judges from industry and academia.

The Jacobs School of Engineering has a team in the competition. Public voting closes on April 30.

I voted for the Mobile 3D Video System.

Mobile 3D Video System (UC San Diego team)

Application Areas:
* Radio Signal Propogation and Processing
* Compression and Data Management Techniques

Quick Pitch

We propose to develop a system delivering immersive 3D video on mobile platforms, with applications in gaming, e-commerce, entertainment


The prominence of 3D video technology has skyrocketed. The 2009 movie Avatar in 3D became the highest grossing movie of all time. Such a movie requires left and right views of a scene. Many video games which provide a 3D experience require multiple views of a scene. Such data is costly to store and to transmit. This project studies how to efficiently compress multiple-view video data, how to allow the scene to be viewed from any angle at different levels of precision, and how to reliably transmit the data over mobile wireless channels. This project has important applications in consumer electronics, e-commerce, entertainment, health care, science, and education.

The Team

The interdisciplinary project team consists of four faculties in the ECE Dept. at UC San Diego: Prof. Larry Milstein, an expert in communication systems, and cross-layer optimization; Prof. Pamela Cosman, an expert in image and video processing over network, and cross-layer optimization; Prof. Sujit Dey, an expert in multimedia networking and embedded systems; and Prof. Truong Nguyen, an expert in 3D video processing and communications. Our interdisciplinary team is uniquely qualified to address all theoretical and practical issues, proposed in this project.