Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Learning to Detect Malicous URLs

Computer science (CSE) PhD student Justin Ma gave a Google Tech Talk on May 10, highlighting his work on using machine learning to detect malicious URLs. The YouTube video is embedded below.

Dancing with the Starts College Dance Championship: UC San Diego Samba

If you haven't seen the UC San Diego Dancesport Team dancing a Samba on ABC's Dancing with the Stars (on national TV), check out the embedded video below. The UC San Diego student newspaper, The Guardian, has a nice story and provides some background on the Dancesport team at UCSD. Get more background in a UC San Diego news story by Christine Clark here.

Antwon Trink is one of the students who competed (and who is interviewed in the embedded video below). He is a structural engineering major at the Jacobs School of Engineering.

Does anyone know the names of the other Jacobs School of Engineering students who are on the UCSD Dancesport team? I know there is at least one bioengineering major...