Monday, June 15, 2009

UCSD Expression Detection Technology in May/June 2009 issue of Technology Review

The history of CERT, the expression detection software that is behind a long list of fascinating research projects at UC San Diego's Machine Perception Laboratory, is outlined in an interesting Technology Review article by Mark Williams. The inventor of the Facial Action Coding System (FACS) that is behind CERT is involved in a TV show called "Lie to Me"...and that is probably part of what led to this story... (You have to register for free to read the article online at Technology Review.)

Computer science PhD student Jacob Whitehill used CERT in his 2008 proof of concept research that "turns your face into a remote control."

I am working on a press release for another computer science PhD who uses CERT in his work. I hope to have that posted later this week. Any reporters out there want the scoop early? send me an email.

Jacobs undergrads inspire local 8th graders

Undergraduates from the Jacobs School of Engineering have just finished classes for the 2008-2009 school year, but their legacy continues. One of the many ways in which the undergraduate of the Jacobs School have touched the lives of future generations is through ENSPIRE—an annual student-run event in which hundreds of 8th graders come to campus for the day to taste life as an engineering undergrad.

ENSPIRE is part of Engineer’s Week and is organized by the undergraduates who run TESC (Triton Engineering Student Council).

I'm still vetting the video below...see anything that needs to be changed? Let me know.

UCSD has an iPhone app

This is from the San Diego Union Tribune:

UCSD crafts iPhone 'app' for campus information

LA JOLLA: UC San Diego is jumping on the iPhone bandwagon.

The La Jolla campus has created a software application for the touch-screen device that gives students and others direct access to course schedules, campus maps and other university information.

The free application joins the tens of thousands of other applications that have been created for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch over the past year.

Stanford University and other academic institutions have also created applications for the handheld gadgets, but UCSD says it's the first public university to offer such a comprehensive “app” linked to the latest campus information.

For more information about the application and download instructions, go to

Does anyone know about any cool apps made by UC San Diego students? The Web site says that the app serves up video.