Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This Week at UCSD: IDEaS: Innovation Day Expo and Symposia

Engage and network with leading innovators.  IDEaS features a week of free high-profile events for the campus and community highlighting the exciting innovation emerging from UC San Diego. The Innovation Symposia takes place February 22-24; on February 25, UC San Diego will host an engaging expo featuring live demonstrations, hands-on exhibits and face-to-face interaction with the innovators themselves.

INNOVATION SYMPOSIA                                                             
IDEaS will feature a dynamic series of evening talks that will be presented by innovators from our UC San Diego community. From Tuesday, February 22 through Thursday, February 24, the Innovation Symposia will host lectures featuring a panel of star-studded Nobel laureates, medical innovators and noted alumnus Maurizio Seracini. In addition, three day-time programs will focus on cultural innovation and social justice. All are free and open to the campus and community members, and will be presented in an open and lively discussion forum.
WHERE:  UC San Diego Price Center West Ballroom                    
WHEN:    February 22-24, 2011

Meet face-to-face with some of the world’s most prominent leaders, scientists and researchers, including keynote speaker, renowned artist, filmmaker and alumnus Kip Fulbeck’88, MFA ’92. Free snacks provided. To attend, register at boxoffice.ucsd.edu.

WHERE:  RIMAC Arena Floor                                   
WHEN:    February 25, 2011
3 p.m.:     “Who Are You? The Changing Face of America”
   UC San Diego alumnus Kip Fulbeck ’88, MFA ’92, one the world’s premier artists exploring multiracial    
   identity uses his own multiracial background as a springboard, inspiring audiences to honestly   
   consider, “Who Am I?”
4 p.m.:     Meet face-to-face with world renowned leaders, scientists and researchers at the Innovation Day Expo,
   featuring live demonstrations, hands-on exhibits and networking with the innovators.