Thursday, January 24, 2008

Center for Networked Systems (CNS)

The Center for Networked Systems (CNS) at UCSD has a new brochure which you can check out online.

The scribblings on the whiteboard on the back page are related to professor Joe Pasquale's work on long-running replicated systems.

Amin Vahdat, a UCSD computer science professor is the current CNS Director. I have pasted his director's message below:

The last decade has been witness to exponential
growth in the speed and coverage of digital communication
networks. We are now at an inflection
point in the utility of the now global communication
network. Moving forward, the reach of the
network will enable a new class of applications
and opportunities to collaborate and communicate.
With these opportunities come a number of
challenges. As networked applications and
services permeate our daily experience, we will
require new techniques to improve the security of
our data and to manage scale and complexity of
the millions of compute and communication
elements powering the global network.

At UCSD’s Center for Networked Systems (CNS),
we have assembled a world-class team of faculty
and students, performing cutting-edge research in
all areas of computer networks, from optical
interconnects and wireless sensor networks to
data center architectures and network security.
Our faculty are internationally recognized leaders
with a reputation for working on practical, highimpact
problems, while simultaneously performing
fundamental research to advance the state of the
art. Our students are highly sought after, regularly
securing top industrial and academic positions.

A significant differentiator at CNS is our culture of
industrial partnership. By working closely with our
member companies to define research efforts of
mutual interest, we are able to engage the top
companies in our field to both understand the
important problems facing real deployed communication
systems and to jointly work toward solutions.

Our students typically enjoy the opportunity to either
begin or continue collaborative research as
a part of our very successful summer internship
program. On a number of occasions, summer
internships have led to dissertation topics and
even impacted company practices or products.
We believe the revolution in communication networks
is just beginning. With the strength of our
students, our faculty, and our deep collaborations
with our industrial partners, UCSD’s Center for
Networked Systems will continue to be at the
forefront of these exciting times.

-Amin Vahdat, Director

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