Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Swurl of UC San Diego Alumni Activity

A pair of computer science BS/MS students from UC San Diego's Jacobs School of Engineering are abuzz in a Swurl of activity...literally.

Ryan Sit and Jonathan Neddenriep have a new startup called Swurl that promises to "Bring your web life together."

Check out the Swurl story on TechCrunch. According to the TechCrunch story, Ryan Sit explained that Swurl isn’t so much about keeping your friends constantly updated on your current activities (à la Friendfeed). Instead, Swurl is more like an automatically generated blog and scrapbook that you’ve created for your friends and family.

Ryan Sit's "diaper changing and server tuning" Swurl is here.

Ryan Sit is no stranger to startups. He is one of the founders of DropShots, a pioneering service that allows family and friends to share their photos and video online. Read the DropShots story in Pulse, the Jacobs School of Engineering alumni magazine.

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