Monday, May 4, 2009

Junkyard Derby is this Week!

Jacobs School engineering students will transform junk into racecars this week at UC San Diego. The three-day marathon starts on Wednesday afternoon with the kick-off BBQ and junk-dash. It's a lot of fun to watch students diving into a pile of junk in search of that perfect racecar part. Grocery carts are always appealing...though I don't know how well the actually work in the end.

After two nights of furious building, the students race their junk cars down Peterson Hill, near the UC San Diego library.
Junkyard Derby 2009 Schedule:

Wednesday, May 6
Kickoff Event and BBQ :: 5-6pm
Build Time :: Junkyard open from 7pm-2am

Thursday, May 7
Build Day :: Junkyard open from 8am-2am

Friday, May 8
Race Day :: 10:30am-3pm at Peterson Hill
Junkyard Derby is a great event run by TESC (Triton Engineering Student Council) at UC San Diego's Jacobs School of Engineering

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