Monday, June 29, 2009

Big Nano in San Diego Business Journal

NanoEngineering by definition works at a very small scale. But this small-scale work is an increasingly big deal. Heather Chambers has a nice wrap up of some of the local big work in NanoEngineering and Nano-science in a recent story in the San Diego Business Journal.

The story is: Cutting-Edge Nanotech Devices Could Fight Disease From Inside the Body. (A short excerpt mentioning the Jacobs School's Joseph Wang from the NanoEngineering Department is below:

Another local UCSD researcher, nanoengineering professor Joseph Wang, said he envisions a system where the body’s glucose levels would automatically trigger nanodevices capable of administering insulin.

Toxicity still presents challenges, he said, although he envisions “many exciting opportunities and applications which are limited only by our imagination.”

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