Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cancer Diagnostic Startup in Xconomy

Two weeks back, Xconomy San Diego profiled bioengineering PhD student Raj Krishnan, regarding his cancer diagnostic startup, Biological Dynamics, and his unique way of funding his startup: by winning competitions. (Update: Brad Fikes from the North County Times wrote a related story.)

The first paragraph of the story is below. Click here to read the full story by Juha-Pekka Tikka.

What recourse does an entrepreneur have when there is no venture capital for a start-up with a truly promising invention? At San Diego’s Biological Dynamics, 27-year-old founder Raj Krishnan’s solution is to win entrepreneur and student competitions—and so far he has won 13 awards, nine of them this year, including most recently a $40,000 first prize in the UC San Diego Entrepreneur Challenge, where the judges were impressed with his presentation skills. “We went to the competitions because venture capital is extremely hard to find now, and we have been fortunate. It enables us now to protect our IP and pay bills,” Krishnan says.
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