Tuesday, August 25, 2009

IEEE Spectrum has a new website

IEEE Spectrum

Below is IEEE's summary of their new Spectrum site. Btw, if you type UCSD into their search box, the first story that pops up is about how electrical engineernig professor Stojan Radic is helping to invent a Terabit Internet.

IEEE Spectrum is now more user-friendly and easier to search. We have also expanded the free resources we offer to the public. In addition to theexpert-written articles and in-depth research visitors to the site can now access white papers, blogs, newsletters, and webinars reflecting the latest developments, standards, and best practices in engineering. With a history spanning 125 years, IEEE continues to serve as an authoritative resource for individuals in the tech sectors of government,industry, and academia worldwide. We hope you will continue to find value in our site.

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