Friday, October 30, 2009

Jacobs School Grad Students Helped San Diego Region Win $154.6 Million in Bonds to Install Solar Panels

Under the guidance of environmental engineering professor Jan Kleissl, a group of Jacobs School graduate students, including Michael Gollner (bottom photo) and Karl Olney (middle photo) helped schools and other San Diego public institutions win more than $154 M in bonds for installing rooftop solar. (Prof. Kleissl is in the shades in the top photo with Gollner and Olney.)
The San Diego Union Tribune's Onell Soto covered this story. Reach Soto's story here:
The first sentence of the Union Tribune story:
San Diego County has snagged 20 percent of $800 million in federal stimulus-backed financing for government solar projects nationwide, thanks to a team effort by city officials, school leaders, engineers and college students.
Stay tuned for video from the three guys in the photos above.
The video is embedded below, via both YouTube and the Jacobs School video portal.

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