Friday, January 15, 2010

Structural Engineering Professor Featured in 10 News story about Earthqake Safetey and Differences between construcion in California and Hati

Check out the 10 News story about construction practices in California and in Hati. (Watch the video here.) The story includes insights from UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering structural professor Jose Restrepo.

Read the full story here. Below is an excerpt from the story.

"In Haiti, we are dealing with structures that are similar in a way to the construction we used to do 100 years ago here in the U.S.," said Jose Restrepo, professor of structural engineering at UCSD. "Those are structures that do not incorporate any seismic design provisions that are very precarious where they are built."

Restrepo talked to 10News about seismic advances being made in schools throughout the University of California system. "Every one of us chips in and we are working in a collaborative environment to see what is best for our region and trickle down to all the regions in the world," he said.

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