Tuesday, January 12, 2010

UCSD Business Students Help Launch Venture Fund

The students at UC San Diego are increasingly entrepreneurial. The huge success of the UCSD Entrepreneurship Challenge is just one indicator. Another indicator is the new venture capital fund (The Rady Venture Fund) that students from the UC San Diego Rady School of Business will help to manage.

Read Dean Calbreath's write-up of the fund in the San Diego Union Tribune here.
Read Bruce Bigelow's story at Xconomy here.

Yesterday, I was editing a video interview we shot with Raj Krishnan, a recent Bioengineering PhD from the Jacobs School who also won various parts of the UCSD Entrepreneurship Challenge last year and is now in the midst of running a company focused on early-detection of cancer (Biological Dynamics)...Krishnan was talking about the importance of the entrepreneurship challenge for fostering the start-up spirit on campus.

PS: unrelated link from Voice of San Diego: UCSD Professor (James Fowler) Gets Colbert Bump

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