Friday, February 19, 2010

Mexican food in San Diego?

I've been asked where to eat Mexican food in San Diego...preferably in walking or short cabbing distance from downtown San Diego. This is not a simple question. I will keep updating this post through the next day or so, as I get more ideas. Have a tip? I'd love to hear it.

I posted this question on Yelp...follow the conversation on best Mexican in San Diego via the thread I started here:

Summary from above Yelp thread on best Mexican kinda close to the San Diego convention center:

La Puerta (walking distance, some like, some don't. City Beat review here.)

Las Quatras Milpas (cab ride to Barrio Logan)

La Fachada (cab ride or trolley to Logan Heights) I've been here...kinda greasy Tijuana-style tacos

El Agave (Old Town...suggester said he hadn't been since 2008...can take the trolley, I think...)

Super Cocina (Normal Heights...need to cab it...cute gentrified neighborhood...fondly called by the locals "abnormal heights")

El Borrego Restaurant (City Heights...need to cab it...not gentrified San Diego neighborhood)

Salazar's Fine Mexican Food (East Village...walk or cab...not alone at night) I've never been, but I always wonder why people put "fine" in the name of a restaurant...

I'll keep updating the list.

Here is my review of La Fachada , a Mexican place east of downtown in Logan Heights. (You'll see that a few people have mentioned it on the best Mexican in San Diego Yelp thread.) It's a 30 minute walk...and I wouldn't do it alone at night. It was okay...but if you want to experience a Tijuana-style taco in San Diego, this is one option. The location is 25th and Imperial...I think there is a trolley station nearby as well...but I haven't taken it. There are a few other Mexican places to try near that intersection...the food is kind of heavy to digest, but a little taste of Tijuana without crossing the border is possible here.

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Mary Canady said...

What about Pokez at 10th & E? I will have to say once I went there and there was a 'B' health rating, but I think it's A now. Phone first!