Tuesday, April 27, 2010

UCSD Triton RobotiX in Robogames AND Popular Mechanics story

UCSD Triton RobotiX...the group of Jacobs School students who builds robots for battle against other robots competed in Robogames over the weekend. Daniel (not Darren!) Yang, one of the 2010 team leaders is quoted in a Popular Mechanics story about Robogames.

According to the Triton Robotix Web site:

UCSD Triton Robotix managed to pull through and do well in the competition. With 21 entries from colleges and professionals from around the world, our robot Kraken fought its way to 5th place.

Learn more at the UCSD ASME website.

Final Tally:

Kraken vs N/A : win
Kraken vs Poppy: win
Kraken vs Dark Cyde: win
Kraken vs TSA Inspected: loss
Kraken vs Touro: loss

Grudge match challenges:

Kraken vs DracUCLA -> UCLA forfeits (but they’re cool)
Kraken vs Circle Strafe -> Caltech forfeits (but they’re still cool)
Ziggy vs Kraken+DracUCLA+Circle Strafe -> We all forfeit against CM Robotics (lolll)


Allen said...

Our team leader is named Daniel Yang.

Daniel said...

Thanks for the correction Allen. BTW, Allen runs a blog covering ASME news from UCSD: http://asme-ucsd.blogspot.com/

I would have posted your comment sooner but I've been on vacation.