Monday, May 24, 2010

Spring 2010 UC San Diego Computer Programming Contest

On May 22, 2010, over 50 UC San Diego students competed head-to-head during the Spring 2010 UCSD Programming Contest, pumping out code over the course of five hours.

The contest, which was led by computer science (CSE) professor Michael Taylor, consisted of a snowball fight with contestants writing the AI to control a team of 4 children on the field of battle. The teams watched their computer players compete on a 2-D projected screen, while the final battle for first place was enacted with slow-motion 3-D rendering (see photo above).

Top honors and $400 go to Andrew Lee and Kihyun Moon.
Second place and $200 went to Yixin Zhou and Mohammad Zohour
Third place and $150 went to Mohamed Mirza and Chris Louie.

The organizers heartily thank Houman Ghajari (ECE MS '03) and Scott Ricketts (CSE MS '10) of MaXentric Technology's Manycore Group, located in San Diego, for providing the prizes and t-shirts.

UCSD's CSES provided the pizza. Special mention goes to undergraduate computer science and engineering society (CSES) Officer Elliott Slaughter and Graduate Student Michael Vrable, who jointly organized the contest.

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