Friday, July 2, 2010

Beach Ball: 4th of July Icon and CSE 168 Honorable Mention

Computer science grad student Oleg Bisker's final image from the Spring 2010 version of CSE 168 looks like a good kick off to the 4th of July weekend. Bisker created the image using C++ programming code...not a digital camera and Photoshop or Picasa. (Class Web site here.)

Oleg, can you give us any insights on this image? What was trickiest part? What aspects of the image are you most happy about? Any other thoughts?

Update: Oleg pointed me to the CSE 168 Spring 2010 competition Web site where he and the other participants had to provide info on the process that led them to their images.

Oleg wrote:

My inspiration for this project was the much loved San Diego beach. I wanted to do an outdoor scene with some water, sand and a geometrically simple but visually sophisticated beach ball.

Read the rest of the Bisker beach ball story here.

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