Friday, November 19, 2010

Founders' Day Photo Booth: Your Vision of the Next 50 Years

More than 150 people drew their visions of the next 50 years at a photo booth at a celebration of the University of California, San Diego’s first 50 years.

The official photo booth “directions” challenged people to envision the future of information technology and communications, health and medicine, and solutions for sustainability. Brain-to-brain and brain-to-human communications systems caught people’s imaginations, as did a wide range of sustainability solutions, and stem cell and genome-based medicines. Lots of students took on the task of envisioning the UC San Diego of the future.

UC San Diego Founders’ Day photo booth directions. Side 1Side 2.
“I have cancer. But my body will heal itself”
“I can perform photosynthesis.”
All will communicate using American Sign Language. How cool would that be?? Bilingual!!
It will all be telepathy with an option of “out of office” message from your head.

Way less traffic since we can fly.

UC San Diego cloud campus

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