Thursday, April 14, 2011

Research Expo 2011 Best Poster Winners (by Department)

Below are the winners of the top poster, by department at Research Expo 2011. Congrats! and stay tuned for the grand prize...the Rudee Outstanding Poster Award...

#3 A Custom Integrated High Input Impedance Biopotential Amplifier for Non-Contact and Mobile Health (ECG/EEG) Monitoring
Yu Mike Chi (Professor Gert Cauwenberghs)

Computer Science and Engineering
# 79 Kremlin: Like Gprof, but for Parallelization
Donghwan Jeon, Saturnino Garcia (Professor Michael Taylor)

Electrical and Computer Engineering
#130 High-Power, Large-Force, and Temperature-Stable Metal Contact Switches
Chirag Dipak Patel (Professor Gabriel Rebeiz)

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
# 157 Investigating the Use of Wing Sweep for Pitch Control of a Small Unmanned Air Vehicle
Kim Wright, Saam Ostovari, Anand Vaidya (Professor Thomas Bewley)

#223 Biological Applications of Catalytic Nanomotors
Daniel R Kagan (Professor Joseph Wang)

Structural Engineering
#242 Thermal Stress and Buckling Detection in Rail by Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Testing
Claudio Nucera (Professor Francesco Lanza de Scalea)

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