Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chechnya Jihad / Book Signing May 31 at UCSD Bookstore

Signing: May 31, Tuesday,  Noon
UCSD Bookstore

The accidental discovery in New Mexico of a super explosive—a thousand times more powerful than conventional ones—sends assistant professor Jean-Claude Delvaux into a whirlwind of travel, passion, and discovery. Delvaux meets with tragedy in Chechnya, while taking part in its liberation struggle, and emerges broken-hearted from the rubble of Grozny, swearing off violence. Destiny strikes again when Delvaux is lured by love and loyalty around the world and into the new nexus of conflict— a brutal jihad in the mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan. There, he meets Bin Laden and the dramatic end of the novel parallels recent events. 

Marc A. Meyers, Distinguished Professor of Materials Science at the University of California, San Diego, and Life Member, Clare Hall, Cambridge (UK), has carried out research within his field all over the world. His work with the Center for Explosives Technology Research (New Mexico), Japanese and Soviet research institutes, and the US Army, led him to imagine a chain of events which could lead to the frightening scenario in his first novel, Mayan Mars. His expertise in explosives, and his knowledge of Chechnya’s brutal war, inspired the situations and events in Chechnya Jihad. He is the recipient of numerous awards from international societies and the author or co-author, in addition to 350 papers, of three science & engineering books. Dr. Meyers lives in San Diego and travels extensively.  

Can't wait till Tuesday May 31? Then come to the book signing at Mysterious Galaxy on May 28 from 2 to 3:30 PM.

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