Monday, May 2, 2011

MicroMouse the Maze Solving Robot / Cool video from 2010

Here is text and video from an electrical engineering undergrad's blog post regarding a maze-solving robot designed and built here at the Jacobs School of Engineering by the UCSD IEEE Micromouse team:

We took a mouse to UCLA last weekend for an unofficial competition. It was actually a much more interesting competition than the official IEEE southwest area competition since several bots actually solved the maze. The maze was more reasonable than the SW area maze. Even though it was only 13x13 instead of 16x16, the walls were properly aligned and well-programmed bots didn’t have many problems getting stuck. This is a video of our mouse’s shortest solution path. Unfortunately, we only took 2nd place since one of the teams from UCLA had a much smaller and more maneuverable robot.

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