Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Engineering Graduate Students Help Uncover Hints of a Lost Da Vinci

Four graduate students from the departments of computer science and materials science at the Jacobs School of Engineering have helped Calit2 researcher Maurizio Seracini uncover tantalizing hints of a lost artwork by Leonardo Da Vinci in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

Samantha Stout, a materials science graduate student, and Tom Wypych, Vid Petrovic and David Vanoni, computer science graduate students, all worked in the Palazzo's Hall of the Five Hundred, where a Da Vinci mural is believed to be concealed behind another mural by Giorgio Vasari. Also on the team is Daniel Johnson, an alumni from mechanical and aerospace engineering, who is now on staff at Calit2.

Read more about the hunt for the lost Da Vinci here and here.

In the picture, from left: Stout, Wypych, Johnson, Petrovic and Vanoni.

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