Thursday, June 21, 2012

UC San Diego Students Rock Concert at The Loft

FoXXy Chancellor, Marlena and The Wang and SO3, led by computer science professor Serge Belongie, were some of that bands that took over The Loft at the Price Center June 9 for the 2012 edition of the Jacobs School of Rock.

The musical tradition is now in its fifth year. But for some of the bands, made up of senior students, it was the last chance to perform. FoXXy Chancellor brings together three electrical engineering majors, one Ph.D. student in economics and one philosophy major. 

"Performing at The Loft for our final year at UCSD was incredible," said Nicholas Huynh Thien, a double e major from France who plays the keyboard in the band.  "We've been jamming together from the first time we met, our first year at UCSD."

The band decided that JSOR should actually stand for Jacobs School of Rap. So they performed their take on Lil Jon, Juvenile and 2Live Crew. All our friends came out to support us, dance with us, jeer at other bands with us," Thien said. "We definitely ended our time at UCSD on a high note with JSOR."

Check out pictures from the concert on the JSOR's Facebook page:

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