Friday, February 12, 2010

E-Week is Next Week. Fun Week is Next Week.

E-Week is lots of fun at the Jacobs School. It's starts off with a Monday holiday (genius beginning!) Here is a post with all of last year's E-Week videos.

Tuesday is E-Games: You get to drop squishy items from a huge helium balloon on Warren Mall. In the past, the students have dropped tomatoes, but this year, they are switching things what exactly students will be trying to protect from the 50-foot drop is a mystery (to me at least).

Wednesday: ENSPIRE 450 8th graders come to campus and get a glimpse of life on campus, and life as an engineering student. It's a fun/exciting/wild day. And the number of Jacobs undergrads who come out to volunteer is incredible...hundreds of volunteers...and you can never have too many volunteers when you've got 450 8th graders on your hands.

Thursday: resume workshop and general prep for the big event the following day.

Friday: DECaF A huge, student-organized career fair just for engineering students from the Jacobs School. It's an impressive event.

All the info is on the TESC website:

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